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The Domain Buddha Wishes You Success in Your New Business

We can help you to obtain a Domain name that fits your business.  If you need a Trademark we can refer you to an honest TM attorney.  Avoid the many pitfalls of choosing a bad domain. Set up your business the right way from the start, or "remodel" your existing business to be more effective and dynamic.

Create Your Own Luck

Many start-ups make crazy mistakes that they later regret.  The most important decision you will ever make in your business is YOUR BUSINESS NAME.  It affects your business forever.  For instance:  One news distributor, named "Same Day Distributors,"  screwed up their business cards to say "Some Day Distributors."  which they then were called.  It ruined them.  

The Domain Buddha is Here to Help and Bring Happiness

Names and Logos have MEANING. Behind many of the powerful names today there are hidden factors of numbers and Gematria.  We will help you with your most important asset, YOUR NAME, and its real meaning in Numerology.  Domain Buddha is wise, so it is best to have a conversation and create luck and happiness.


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Visualize your successful business and then we will help you to conjure it up.  Put your fears in an old shoe and bury it somewhere.

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Domain Buddha is available most times to dispense wisdom.  Be ready to accept his pronouncements and good humor.

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How We Can Help You

Start off on the right foot, get a domain that you can live with for years to come. It is increasingly hard to get reasonable .com domains, and will only get more expensive in the future.  There are solutions, we can help guide you.

Trademark Protection

We can direct you to attorneys for help with both U.S. Trademarks or a Common Law Trademark using block chain technology which is much more reasonable for start-ups.

Word Press

If you need to get a website up fast, consider a Word Press site, which offers a lot of flexibility.  You can have a simple static page, or a dynamic theme, with photos, videos, and blog posts. 

Video Marketing and Podcasting

Whether it is a retail company or a non-profit, or just a fun site to promote your passion (or to promote yourself if you are in the entertainment business) having a web presence makes a lot of sense.  We have tools like video marketing and podcasting that will help you to reach a larger audience.

The One Good Reason to Contact Us

We have ideas, tools, and solutions to help you achieve your goals.  

The INFO WORLD Is Changing Fast - Emoji Website Domains are Here Now

Today's world is focused around mobile devices and social media.  Just having a webpage is not much better than having a business card.  You have to find ways to push through the clutter of competition on the web to achieve your goals. Emoji Web Domains are now possible and may be huge in a few years.