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Domains For Sale 2023

Quite a few categories: Tech, Streaming, Media, Radio/podcast, Religious, Restaurant, Wedding, Finance, Business, Tourist/fun.

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New Streaming Program For Video Podcasting

A new streaming program, called MELON is offering free and low-cost streaming using a web-based program.  They have a free version and also a more advanced pro version.  The software will allow you to video podcast to 4 platforms at once, like Facebook, youtube, Twitch, and a custom program.  Check out the details at https://melonapp.com/.


Current and Urgent!

Possible game changer with the new U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Trademarks.  Excellent discussion with 3 TM attorneys on Domain Sherpa show.  Click Here    

This new ruling may be a game changer and open up a huge can of worms for folks using common words that in themselves cannot be trademarked, but now by adding the .com to the word the high court says it can indeed be trademarked!  Will chaos reign on this one?


*****From: OnlineDomain.com

ICANN was ready to approve the .org transfer

ICANN, ISOC, PIR and NoEthos Capital were very close to getting their corrupted plan completed but at the last minute California Attorney General slammed them so hard that they had to get an extension.

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Verisign Q1 2020 reports an operating margin of 66%!

Verisign Q1 2020 reports an operating margin of 66%

by Konstantinos Zournas

VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN) reported financial results for the first quarter of 2020. Verisign had an operating margin of 66%. I guess that is not enough for Verisign or the corrupted ICANN so they will suck a few more billions out all registrants all over the world by increasing .com price well above inflation!

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The case of the $2,500 .org domain name

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Did billionaire Republicans just buy the .ORG domain extension?

From: OnlineDomain.com

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