Website for New Book

Mr. Novak, An Acclaimed Television Series

When author Chuck Harter wanted a nice clean website for his latest book, he called on Domain Buddha for help.  We built his site from the ground up, and continue to add to it every week.  The site contains all the information about his new book, which is about an award winning television show.  We packed the site with information, reviews, comments, we went out and filmed famous actors plugging the book, helped Chuck to get on national radio shows, and we continue to advise him on promotional activities.  You can check out the website mrnovakbook.com

Hollywood, Celebrities, and Show Biz!

What Up Hollywood

We have had a lot of fun with this website.  Helping to film events, write blog posts, take photos of famous folks and visit all the legendary Hollywood locations.  This great fan site has about 100 videos and several years of archives - a treasure trove for anyone who loves old movies and television.  Click Here to check it out.