Is Twitter on the Way Out?

Is a Trojan Horse Radical Cadre Violating Basic Business Attitude Regarding Customer Relations? Or is it just stupid management?

It’s hard to find out what is going on inside the deep caverns of Twitter.  Employees are secretive, bound by legal chains to keep quiet about what is going on.  So, the Twitter watchers can only guess based on what is observed that the social media giant is up to.

One observation is that many social media companies are attacking their own customers.  The so-called “censors” have de-platformed millions of their own users.  Maybe the censors are all Catholics, and want to excommunicate Twitter users who are drifting to some kind of free speech heresy.   Or maybe  they are radicals, a cadre of woke ultra-leftists and neo-Marxists who have infiltrated Twitter and are now exercising power by kicking out hundreds of thousands of users who violate some mysterious “rules”, like discussing the covid vaccines and so called “mandates”.  Unlikely, their employment apps probably don’t probe political beliefs.  So that leaves management as the guilty party.  A stunning situation.

One thing is clear, whoever they are, they are destroying Twitter.  Think about this, for the last fifty years,  one of the most important rules of business is to focus on customer satisfaction.  Corporations and businesses have spent millions of dollars training their employees to deal with customer complaints, and try to satisfy the customers and keep them loyal to their brand.   Amazon is probably the best example of this, their mantra is “the customer is always right.”  Anyone who has dealt with knows this.  The vendors sure know it, because almost every dispute is settled in favor of a customer.  Amazon is wildly successful because of this, among other reasons.

But not Twitter, not Facebook, and not youtube.  These three giants have gone the other way.  A couple of years ago they declared war on their own customers.  Twitter even kicked off a sitting President.  Youtube has pulled possibly millions of videos that violate their secret policies.  And Facebook, the same belligerent attitude.  So, how is that working out for them?  Ex-communicating their own customers, the users who have, until recently, no way to fight back.

The bad news for Twitter, the tube, and the facebookers is that everyone on the planet knows about it.  Everyone talks about it.  People are pissed.  I would say millions are pissed.  They don’t like the arbitrary censorship, the nasty authoritarian attitude that the faceless facebookers, and possibly super-woke morons inside the other FANGS have behaved.  The customers on those platforms are never right.  They are preyed upon by the FANGS, de-platformed, suspended, humiliated, shadow-banned.  If social media is a new religion, as Zuckerberg would have you believe (Meta), then the censors are the new high priests and are reveling in their power to excommunicate their own flock.  Tubers, tweeters, and f-bookers are cast out and damned in a thousand ways.  The FANGSTERS may actually now be running Cults.

So what has happened to rectify this bad behavior of the woke FANGSTERS?   A lot.   Look at the Start-ups.  The customers, millions of them, the “deplorables”, the “Army of Apes”, the shadow-banned, the suspended ones, they still have the ultimate power, and they know it.  They are leaving the Cults.  They are heading to Gettr, Rumble, Odysee, Bitchute, Brighteon, NewTube, Telegram, Parler, Clubhouse, Frankspeech, and many others.  They are flocking to new platforms by the millions, hoping to find a home where they can express themselves with something called “Freedom of Speech.”

I recommend that Twitter and the others get rid of their censors and ugly authoritarianism.   Join Free Speech. You might yet save your companies.  A big storm is brewing.  Soon a new platform is going to launch, it’s called Truth Social.  I’m not a Trumper, but I’d say to the little blue bird that it’s past time to change your bad behavior because your customers were right and you were wrong.  And there’s some ex-communicated folks out there who want to clip your wings.